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Code Galaxy Announces Location Opening in Cedar Park

Posted by Code Galaxy on Jan 6, 2020 11:48:58 AM

It has long been Code Galaxy’s mission to help students build their creativity and confidence through our enriching coding program, and now we’re excited to announce a large milestone for the organization. Code Galaxy is opening a new location early spring in Cedar Park!

Located at 202 North Walton Way Suite #184, the 1,564 square foot site will be equipped with an open classroom space, laptops, spheros, arduinos, android phones, headphones, chromebooks, ozobots, ipads, auto auto cars, makey makey, and much more.

But we’re not stopping there, in addition to this latest location and future school partnerships, we plan to open even more brick and mortar locations in 2020. For anyone interested in supporting our mission, we are looking for Limited Partners to join our team as investors to help us spread the invaluable gift of code to more students faster.

Our curriculum was developed by computer science teachers who know how to help students learn and retain information. We know our program can make a large impact on the lives of students we teach. the help of our scalable SaaS platform and learning management system, known as "Mission Control," our program allows for the delivery of a consistent coding education and administration , making it adaptable to almost any organization.

To learn more about investing in our next location as a Limited Partner or to help Code Galaxy open in a school near you, please email or

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