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Introducing New Python Coding Course!

Posted by Launch Coding on Sep 18, 2019 12:49:30 PM

New this fall! Launch is proud to offer a learning pathway in the Python coding language! Brought to you with help from our friends at AutoAuto AI, Python is one of the best coding languages for kids to learn, not only because of its beginner-friendly syntax, but for its wide use within multiple different fields.

“Python is the most friendly industry-standard programming language. It is highly used among Software Engineers, Data Scientists, and A.I. Developers, and is still gaining popularity.” - Ryan Henning, CTO of AutoAuto AI.

Learn more about why this latest addition to the Launch coding curriculum will provide major benefits for our young coders!

AutoAuto Ai Car
AutoAuto Ai programmable car. courtesy of AutoAuto
Why learn Python?

Python is one of the most desired coding languages by employers. According to, the average Python developer makes an average of $118,281 a year! Not only is it a very lucrative language, Python is one of the easier to learn coding languages for its simple script and efficiency. It’s short, clean language can make complex tasks and scripts much more manageable and time efficient.

Who uses Python?

In part due to its beginner friendly structure, Python is used in a number of different fields such as software engineering, data analysis, accounting, scientific research and more! Knowing how to use Python can set a child up for success in multiple career paths.

What can Python Do?

Python is the coding language behind some of today's most promising new technologies. Innovations and uses such as visual representation of data for analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation all have Python as their foundation. Some of the most well-known technology companies today, including Instagram, Uber, and Spotify base their backend on Python. Students at Launch will be introduced to Python by learning to build self-driving Artificial Intelligence for the AutoAuto robot car!

You can imagine why we’re excited to be offering such an innovative language to our students. Come into Launch anytime for a free course demo and sign up for weekly classes at any of our many Austin locations!

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