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Launch Student Takes AP CS as a Freshman!

Posted by Launch Coding on Sep 9, 2019 11:19:17 AM


14-year-old Zack Collins moved to Austin from the Bay Area just over a year ago and enrolled at Launch Code After School shortly after. Now beginning his first year at Westlake High School, he has been approved to take AP Computer Science as a freshman!

Zack Collins Blog Graphic

Zack says that his time at Launch has given him the tools and skills necessary to take on this upper-level course, teaching in a way that's designed for coding.

“The mindset for coding is very different from the mindset of school, which I think is part of what’s prepared me,” Zack said. “Also, understanding the syntax, like understanding that all other coding languages are just like real languages.”

In addition to teaching him about fundamental coding concepts, Zack says the welcoming learning environment at Launch took away much of the anxiety that comes with advanced topics and teaches things in a way that is more realistic to the real world.

“The mindset for coding is very different from the mindset of school, which I think is part of what’s prepared me,"

“The thing with Launch is it teaches you to not be scared to ask for help, [and] not be scared to just look something up when you need to look it up… the reality of it is that even coders [who] work for big companies like Google or something, they don’t have everything memorized, they go out and ask,” Zack said.

Zack will be continuing after-school classes while taking AP CS using Launch as a tutoring resource as he prepares to tackled the AP exam at the end of the year.

“[The classes at Launch] just make this [coding] environment easier to just jump into because of the way that it’s formed, because of the way that they teach everything here.”

Way to go Zack!

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