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Software Supported Teaching: How We View Student Feedback

Posted by Launch Coding on May 23, 2019 10:53:49 AM

Learning to code can seem like a daunting task, especially for children still building their foundation in math and science. That’s why in our flipped classroom model, educators at Launch focus entirely on ensuring that every child gets the individualized guidance needed to comprehend and retain coding concepts.

In the past months, we’ve rolled out new features in our teacher portal to improve how teachers review work created by students and how they provide feedback. We think that the process by which teachers give feedback to students is critical to learning. Providing feedback prevents students from speeding through content, and instead, puts them on the path to mastery, ensuring they develop a toolkit that empowers their own creativity. Check out the steps below as we walk through our grading process.

Turning In an Assignment

(student view)2019-05-15_13h57_15

At Launch, students can submit assignments in one of two ways — either by recording the finished product via a webcam, or turning in a piece of code to be reviewed by a teacher later with feedback.

(student view)

For projects like working with Arduino-powered robots, webcam showcases like the one pictured above lets the student capture their creation to receive feedback.

Review Process

Once a student has completed a level that has been marked for review, their teacher receives a notification on their dashboard to review the lesson. It is here that our teachers can see the progress of the students, taking note of where they excel and where they could use more help.

(teacher view)

Once they click ‘review’, the teacher will be taken into the lesson that the student completed. Any files or pictures the student completed are here for the teacher to leave a comment, approve, or request changes.

(teacher view)

Any lessons that have a comment or a change request will show up on the student dashboard the next time they login, giving them a place to start! This process of reviewing work from last class at the beginning of the next class is core to our process of making sure students retain and benefit from the material.

(student view)

The teacher commenting grading system allows for a recorded dialogue between the student and teacher, making it easy for every student to stay on the right track and get individualized help.

Coming soon, teacher-student interactions will be relayed to parents weekly by email, making in-class projects even more transparent for parents to track what their kids are creating!

Have questions about our teaching methodology? Give us a shout — we’re building the absolute best computer science education experience for kids.

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