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Why Your Child Should Learn About Robotics

Posted by Launch Coding on Apr 3, 2019 6:38:47 PM

What is a robot anyway? Most seem to agree that a robot is a physical machine, programmed to perform specific tasks on its own. From self-driving cars to the mechanical arms building them, robots are all around us. As our dependence on them grows, so does the demand for those who program them.

This is why introducing robotics to children at a young age gives them such an edge later in life in terms of finding a successful and sustainable career. In celebration of the National Robotics Week, we wanted to share why we think getting an early start in Robotics is a good idea.

The importance of having a background in robotics is becoming more and more important. Since the invention of the first industrial robot in 1954, robots have grown to be pivotal in the manufacturing industry. Now, recent reports say it is possible that by 2030, robots will have replaced nearly one third of the workforce in the United States! This means that job opportunities in robotics are only increasing.

Prepareing Kids or the Future

One of the most effective things you can do to ensure your children are well-equipped for the future is through robotics and STEM education. Given that only 35% percent of high school in Texas offer any kind of coding or robotics, a parent's best bet it to look to afterschool and summer camp programs, where kids can start to develop valuable skills early on in life.

Aside from the cool ones on TV and in the movies with lazers, robots help us humans in more ways than we can count. Being familiar with how robots work early will lead countless opportunities down the road! robotics summer camp

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