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Best Minecraft Coding Classes for Kids (2023)

Minecraft is widely recognized for its educational advantages for children, especially in fostering problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. When kids play in survival mode, they not only battle against monsters and other in-game threats but also learn resource management to maintain their health levels. 

But the learning doesn’t stop there. Minecraft also serves as a platform for educating children in subjects like math and history, as well as skills like teamwork. 

One of the game’s standout features is its high degree of customization. Young players can tweak the original game code through modifications, commonly known as mods. These modifications can range from simple weather changes to more complex alterations, like creating an invincible flying squid! And all of this can be accomplished with Minecraft’s command blocks.

For those interested in diving deeper, the game provides an opportunity to modify its Java-based code. This experience allows kids to hone additional coding skills, such as debugging. Once they’ve crafted their custom mods, they can share them with friends for a truly unique, collaborative gaming experience. Playing Minecraft helps children learn coding basics in a passive way while having fun. Considering this video game as the foundation for further coding education will ensure your kids get the most out of video game play.

What to Look for in a Minecraft Coding Class

Choose the Right Teachers:

  • Look for qualified instructors with a strong connection to students.
  • Consider trial classes and interviews to assess compatibility.

Age-Appropriate Curriculum:

  • Ensure the curriculum matches your child’s developmental stage.
  • Start with basic concepts for younger kids and gradually introduce complexity.
  • Foster a love for learning that extends beyond Minecraft.

Hands-On Learning:

  • Emphasize hands-on experiences.
  • Encourage active creation and modification of Minecraft content.
  • Develop problem-solving skills and creativity through tangible results.

Diversity of Platforms:

  • Opt for classes that support various devices (PCs, Macs, tablets, consoles).
  • Accommodate students’ preferred technology for a more inclusive and engaging experience.
  • Promote collaboration among students with different hardware setups.

Top Minecraft Coding Classes for Kids

1- Code Galaxy

Code Galaxy stands out as a premier provider of coding education nationwide, offering a wide array of virtual coding camps, lessons, and private tutoring tailored for children. Their curriculum encompasses diverse subjects, including web and game development, design, Python programming, and other STEM-related courses, all meticulously designed to empower kids with valuable programming skills that will serve them well in their future careers. These coding camps, ranging from Scratch + Minecraft to Python Programming and Web Development, provide an ideal way for kids to make the most of their time away from school. They offer an educational experience that combines learning with fun, enabling kids to acquire essential coding skills while enjoying themselves. Code Galaxy serves as an excellent platform for youngsters to grasp the fundamentals of coding and game creation. These programs are specifically designed for children between the ages of 7 and 18. In the beginner Minecraft Modding (Modification) course, students delve into the world of coding, customization, and the creation of functional items for Minecraft, all within a user-friendly drag-and-drop environment. Modification serves as a critical aspect of programming, allowing students to work with existing code by adding or removing specific features or functions. By introducing children to Modding through a beloved video game like Minecraft, learning becomes an enjoyable and engaging experience. Moreover, kids have the opportunity to share their creations with friends and family, enhancing their sense of accomplishment. 

This course serves as a natural progression from Scratch, as it maintains a similar drag-and-drop learning environment. It equips students with the foundational coding knowledge necessary to excel in various areas aligned with their interests. After mastering the basics in Minecraft Modifications I, this course represents the next step in advancing towards becoming an expert in all things related to coding within the Minecraft universe. 

With a solid understanding of the basics, students delve into advanced modifications and functions, exploring coding principles such as functions, coordinates, triggers, loops, and more. 

Throughout the course, students embark on creative endeavors, from designing their mini-games to coding elaborate in-game events like mega explosions. By the end of this course, students emerge with newfound confidence in their coding abilities, ready to take on more advanced coding challenges.

2- iD Tech Minecraft Camp

 iD Tech provides comprehensive Minecraft coding courses and camps catering to students from elementary to high school levels. These programs encompass various facets of Minecraft, such as game design, server development, and mod creation.

The iD Tech offerings serve as a bridge to transform Minecraft from a recreational activity into a practical, real-world skillset. They empower students to turn their breaks throughout the year into valuable learning opportunities, allowing them to delve into popular programming languages. Guided by iD Tech’s expertly designed curriculum, children elevate a simple gaming experience into a platform for gaining knowledge. With numerous locations across the United States offering in-person camps and classes by iD Tech, plus the flexibility of 100% online classes, students of ages 7-19 can explore a wide array of engaging lessons in both settings. Additionally, iD Tech extends its educational reach to include Roblox courses, catering to another popular gaming platform. For those seeking more personalized attention, iD Tech also offers a comprehensive selection of online courses and private lessons. These cover a diverse range of programming topics, including artificial intelligence, data science, C++/C#, Java, Python, and Javascript.

3- Create & Learn

The Minecraft Code to Mod course offered by Create & Learn is designed for students in grades 5-9, offering up to 12 weeks of instruction focused on teaching coding fundamentals through the context of Minecraft. These classes convene once a week for one-hour sessions dedicated to the development of Minecraft mods. The course structure divides lessons into four-week sessions, giving parents the flexibility to either purchase the entire course at a fixed price or opt for individual sessions. This arrangement not only ensures affordability but also aligns seamlessly with Create & Learn’s other educational offerings available on its website, enhancing the overall learning experience. To provide students with a risk-free introduction to the program, Create & Learn offers a complimentary initial lesson. During this session, students have the opportunity to work on their Minecraft mod in an emulator, allowing them to explore the course content before making a commitment. Beyond the Minecraft-focused course, Create & Learn boasts an extensive catalog of STEM camps and classes catering to students of all grade levels. These offerings span a wide range of specialties, including Scratch, Roblox, Python, graphic design, and many more, ensuring that there is something for every aspiring learner.

4- Code Kingdoms

In the realm of self-paced learning, Code Kingdoms shines with its extensive library of interactive video lessons. Designed for children aged 8-14, these lessons provide step-by-step guidance, allowing young learners to engage with hands-on examples using Code Kingdom’s web-based code editor. Following the coding process, kids have the opportunity to independently or collaboratively test their creations on a dedicated private server included in their subscription. Code Kingdoms offers transparent and flexible subscription pricing. You can opt for a monthly plan at $19, commit to an annual subscription for $99, or choose the enticing one-time payment of $249 for a lifetime subscription. The annual plan is particularly appealing, offering a substantial cost savings of over 40% compared to the monthly rate. Their proprietary web-based code editor introduces children to Java through a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, facilitating their understanding of traditional text-based programming languages in the future. In addition to their Java-focused offerings, Code Kingdoms provides self-paced Roblox courses, and there’s even a bundled option that combines the best of both worlds. For families seeking to engage multiple learners, a family plan is available, accommodating up to 5 separate accounts. With the option for a lifetime subscription, young students can embark on a journey of fun and educational exploration that can span years.


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5- Minecraft Education Edition

In collaboration with Mojang and Microsoft, Minecraft Education Edition offers a curated collection of lessons directly crafted by the Minecraft creators themselves. This platform provides educators with a comprehensive set of pre-designed lessons and virtual environments to facilitate the teaching of Minecraft. These online lessons delve into the core principles of coding, utilizing captivating narratives to make learning an engaging experience. Children not only have fun but also acquire coding skills while immersing themselves in dynamic, three-dimensional worlds. They begin with foundational concepts and gradually progress to more advanced topics, including practical applications like Python. While coding remains a central focus, Minecraft Education Edition extends its reach to encompass a wide spectrum of educational disciplines, covering all aspects of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), as well as traditional academic subjects such as language arts, history, and culture. Accessible at a reasonable cost, licenses can be procured for just $12 per year. These licenses grant access to a wealth of resources, including all available courses, tutorials, and multiplayer servers, accommodating collaborative learning for up to 30 students. This affordability ensures that educators have a versatile and cost-effective tool at their disposal to enhance the educational experience.

6- BYJU’S Future School

The BYJU’S Future School offers an exceptional program called Code with Minecraft, tailored for children between the ages of 6 and 14. This program boasts a comprehensive curriculum, personalized one-on-one instruction, and regular progress reports for every participant. It caters to various grade levels, from absolute beginners to those seeking advanced coding skills, offering both subscription-based and flat, one-time payment options. BYJU’s Future School utilizes the renowned Tynker coding environment, a block-based platform that fosters creativity and simplifies the learning process. This approach empowers kids to bring their imaginative ideas to life in Minecraft swiftly and effectively. As students advance through the program, they earn certificates in game and app development, gaining recognition for their accomplishments. They also gain entry into a thriving community of peers who provide support and friendly competition in a collaborative setting. BYJU’s Future School extends beyond virtual coding lessons, offering an array of educational options encompassing mathematics, music, art, animation, and video instruction. Prospective learners can explore these options risk-free through a no-obligation, free trial. Moreover, there are options designed for parents seeking to engage in shared activities with their children, making learning a family affair.

7- iCamp Minecraft Camp

For inquisitive youngsters residing in the New York City area, iCamp presents an array of exciting options, including Minecraft summer day camps and virtual programs tailored for ages 7-12. These programs are built upon the STEAM educational model developed by iCamp, encompassing not only the fundamental principles found in traditional curricula but also incorporating the arts to provide a well-rounded educational experience. This holistic approach empowers children to nurture their creativity alongside their technical prowess. These summer day camps immerse children in a world of learning opportunities that ultimately foster self-assurance and competence in their academic pursuits. Additionally, participants have the chance to engage in enjoyable activities and relish the outdoors, connecting with nature. The Minecraft coding course offered by iCamp covers a wide spectrum of skills, ranging from architectural and environmental design to the creation of entire virtual realms. Students convene for 45-minute sessions each week over a span of five weeks, establishing a strong foundation in programming while collaborating in small groups, honing their teamwork abilities. iCamp extends its educational offerings to encompass courses in Roblox and Scratch. For those seeking individualized attention, iCamp provides private instruction across its comprehensive range of topics, ensuring that each student’s unique learning needs are met.

8- Wiingy

 Wiingy stands as an interactive online learning hub, offering an exciting avenue for your children to delve into the world of Minecraft Coding. Through this platform, young learners can engage in lessons focused on Modding and Agent Programming, all within the captivating Minecraft environment. Notably, these classes cater to students ranging from 1st grade to 8th grade, ensuring accessibility with budget-friendly pricing. What sets Wiingy apart is its commitment to flexibility, allowing your child to partake in a demo session and decide if it aligns with their interests. Finally, the classes are conducted in a one-on-one format, eliminating distractions and fostering a dedicated learning environment.

9- Microsoft Makecode

When it comes to introducing kids to the exciting world of Minecraft coding, Microsoft Makecode stands out as an exceptional choice. Before embarking on the journey of coding, it’s crucial for young learners to grasp the fundamental concepts that underpin this skill. Understanding why coding is important and where it finds application is the first step towards becoming proficient in this digital language. Microsoft Makecode serves as a valuable resource to instill these foundational principles. Microsoft Makecode’s primary aim is to equip children with a solid understanding of coding’s basics and fundamentals. This knowledge serves as the building blocks for their creative endeavors within the Minecraft realm. What’s particularly noteworthy about this platform is its inclusivity. Even if your child is a complete newcomer to the world of coding, Microsoft Makecode provides essential tutorials and guidance to help them commence their coding journey from the ground up. By starting with Microsoft Makecode, children not only learn to code but also gain the essential insights and skills needed to craft items and experiences within the Minecraft universe. It’s the ideal starting point for young minds eager to explore the exciting intersection of coding and Minecraft, offering them a solid foundation upon which to build their coding adventures.

10- iD Tech

Minecraft coding classes designed for children should prioritize personalized attention and tailored instruction to cater to each child’s unique needs. Recognizing that some children may thrive with one-on-one guidance, it becomes essential to provide individualized support. In this context,  iD Tech emerges as a valuable resource, offering dedicated and personalized instruction that empowers children to sharpen their Java coding skills at their own pace. iD Tech’s commitment to individualized learning ensures that each child receives the attention and guidance they require to excel in their coding journey swiftly and effectively.

11- CodaKid 

CodaKid, an Arizona-based company, offers Minecraft coding classes suitable for ages 6 to 18, available in both live and pre-recorded formats. In the pre-recorded classes, there are 15 sessions, comprising 85 quests with 180 challenges, and students can select their preferred difficulty level, whether introductory, beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Throughout these self-paced classes, students learn professional coding languages like Python, Javascript, and Java, with the flexibility to access the content whenever they desire. Each class includes video tutorials, interactive activities, and end-of-chapter quizzes to reinforce learning, adopting a fun and engaging style inspired by YouTube, complete with badges to reward progress. In case of questions, students have the option to communicate with the teacher team through a chat widget, email, or screen share. Pricing for pre-recorded classes includes a solo plan at $31.93 per month or $254.18 annually, as well as a family plan accommodating up to 3 students at $54.48 per month or $344.87 per year. On the live class front, CodaKid offers personalized 1-1 sessions, allowing students to choose their skill level and work with a consistent teacher who is matched to their individual needs and learning style. All instructors are based in the USA, and classes are conducted via Zoom, offering scheduling flexibility with month-to-month payments and no long-term commitments. Students enrolled in live classes gain access to all pre-recorded content. Live classes are 50 minutes in duration and come with optional homework assignments for students, along with progress reports for parents. Pricing for live classes comprises $318 per month for 4 classes ($79.5 per hour of class) and $574.79 per month for 8 classes ($71.85 per hour of class).

12-  Tynker

Tynker has developed a block-based editor designed to empower kids to craft their own Minecraft mods. For those familiar with Tynker’s previous courses, this editor will offer a sense of familiarity and ease of use. The platform offers step-by-step tutorials, guiding kids through various tasks such as creating a trail of flowers as they move or crafting flaming arrows. Once they grasp the concepts, children can exercise their creativity by devising their own mods using the editor. Once the mod creation is complete, kids have the option to deploy it to their Tynker Minecraft server. This server is seamlessly linked to their Minecraft account, contingent upon having a desktop Minecraft license. Subsequently, they can connect to the server to enjoy their customized gameplay. Tynker provides a free version with a server time limit of 60 minutes. Subscribing to a paid Tynker plan grants kids access to an extended 480 minutes of server time per month, in addition to an expanded array of Minecraft course materials and entry to Tynker’s broader coding courses unrelated to Minecraft. Importantly, access to the coding tools remains unrestricted; it’s only the server time allocation that comes with certain limitations. Furthermore, kids have the option to invite others to join their server, enhancing the collaborative and social aspects of their Minecraft modding experience.

13- Maker Kids Minecraft Program

Maker Kids provides a Minecraft program designed for children aged 6-13, aimed at introducing STEM concepts with a focus on coding. This program offers accessible entry points for inquisitive kids, leveraging the relatability of Minecraft.

Weekly group lessons are available, lasting one or two hours, and are accessible to students worldwide, offering a spectrum of beginner to advanced coursework. With small class sizes, there’s a 5:1 student-to-instructor ratio, fostering collaboration and ensuring a comfortable environment, especially for introverted children.

For those seeking a more personalized learning experience, Maker Kids offers one-on-one instruction, featuring weekly hour-long sessions with a dedicated teacher and tailored lesson plans.

Additionally, Maker Kids offers an inclusive program known as the Idea Incubator, encompassing their coding, robotics, and Minecraft courses in one comprehensive package. Beyond these classes, Maker Kids provides camps, field trips, and birthday party options.


In 2023, the world of Minecraft coding classes for kids is more exciting and accessible than ever. By choosing the best classes that offer dedicated teachers, age-appropriate curricula, hands-on learning experiences, and support for diverse platforms, you’re setting your child on a path to not only master coding but also develop essential skills for the future. These classes are not just about Minecraft; they’re about nurturing young minds, fostering creativity, and igniting a passion for learning that will benefit kids well beyond the virtual world of blocks and code. So, embrace the possibilities of 2023, and watch your child’s imagination soar in the world of Minecraft and beyond! At Code Galaxy, we’re prepared to transform your kids into coding masters by blending the excitement of games like Minecraft with top-notch programming education. Book a free trial to join our community and watch your child become a coding star!


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