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What Parents Need to Know About Minecraft: Guide to Safety

I. Is Minecraft Safe for Kids? – Introduction   Minecraft is a popular video game that has gained a massive following over the years. With its sandbox-style gameplay and endless possibilities, Minecraft offers a unique experience that can be both fun and educational. However, like any online game, there are potential risks and dangers that parents need to be aware […]

Best Tutors & Best Practices to Score Highly on APCS Exam

Having a solid grasp of AP computer science concepts can make all the difference in setting a successful college trajectory ahead. Between passing the APCS exam with flying colors and earning college credits before the first semester even begins, there are a few components that go into making the most out of the preparation process. With a supportive AP computer […]

How to Sharpen Your Coding Skills with Online Coding Classes

Online coding courses cover a broad range of material while allowing students to segway into the depths of STEM mastery. With the diversity in options available, kids can develop a deeper fluency in coding through weekly courses, one-on-one tutoring, and online coding classes, to name a few. As more and more children grow up with evolving technology, deciding whether or […]

Why Video Games Need To Be Part of Education Today

  Today, we’d like to share a special-themed article written by Code Galaxy CEO, Marliis Reinkort. Below, she discusses the current state of the education system, how video games fit into the picture & how incorporating them into education can lead to many benefits. Words By Marliis Reinkort: Education is the basis of the development of any society. We have […]