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Best 10 Roblox Camps for Kids (2023)

Roblox is a super popular game that lots of kids love to play. It’s like a huge playground where you can have fun, make friends, and even create your own games. People all over the world enjoy playing on Roblox, and it’s become really famous.

Imagine taking the fun of Roblox and making it even better. That’s exactly what Roblox camps do! These camps are like special places where kids can learn and have a blast at the same time.

At Roblox camps, kids get to do cool stuff like creating their own games, working on fun projects, and learning new things. It’s not just about playing games; it’s about using your imagination and discovering new skills.

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to the best 10 Roblox camps for 2023. Each camp is unique and offers something special. So, if you or your child love Roblox and want to have an amazing time while learning awesome stuff, keep reading! We’re about to reveal the top Roblox camps that are going to make 2023 a year to remember.

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1- Code Galaxy

At Code Galaxy, we’re dedicated to providing kids with the most engaging and educational Roblox camp experience. Our camps are designed to make learning fun and exciting, all while diving deep into the Roblox universe. Let’s explore what makes Code Galaxy the ultimate destination for Roblox-loving kids:

Code Galaxy Roblox Camp

Locations: Virtual

Overview: Our virtual Roblox camp is a journey into the heart of game development. Kids will learn how to create their own Roblox games, from designing characters to coding interactive gameplay. With expert instructors and a supportive online community, it’s the perfect place to launch your Roblox adventures.

What Makes Code Galaxy Special?

Hands-On Learning: We believe in learning by doing. Kids get hands-on experience in creating Roblox games, allowing them to apply their skills in real-time.

Interactive Projects: Our camp is all about building real Roblox games. Kids work on exciting projects, from action-packed adventures to brain-teasing puzzles.

Expert Instructors: Our experienced instructors are passionate about teaching kids the art of game development. They provide guidance, answer questions, and inspire creativity.

Online Community: Join a vibrant online community of fellow campers. Collaborate, share ideas, and make new friends who share your passion for Roblox.

At Code Galaxy, we’re ready to prepare your kids to be coding masters by combining the joy of games like Roblox with high-quality programming education. Join our community, book a free trial, and embark on a journey to become a coding star!


Best 10 Roblox Games for Kids (2023)

The Best Roblox Games to Play in 2023

2- Galaxy Kids Code Club

At Galaxy Kids Code Club, we teach young students how to create Roblox games like pros. Kids aged eight and up can join our in-person camps in Brentwood, California, where they’ll learn to make exciting 3D games using Roblox Studio and Lua programming.

Our camp groups are small, so every child gets lots of attention and learns a ton. Besides having a blast and gaining new skills, our summer camp helps kids improve their problem-solving abilities and boost their creativity.

Once they’ve finished making their games, campers can invite friends to play and see what they’ve created. We offer both half-day and full-day options for our day camps, running from July 18th to July 22nd. It’s a week of fun and learning your child won’t want to miss!

3- CodeWizards

CodeWizardsHQ delivers the most fun and effective live, online Roblox camps for kids ages 8-13. Students attend the 5-day camp from the convenience of their homes with an expert instructor. Your child will go from playing games to building them!

Camps are available in June, July, and August. View the camp schedule for additional details.

Experience the world of Roblox game creation! Summer camp students learn Roblox game development, programming, and design through an exciting project-based curriculum. In one week, your child will learn to build their own obstacle course using Roblox Studio, a free Roblox game editing software, and the Lua coding language. We’ll also touch on fundamental Lua programming concepts to enhance their game design. At the end of camp, your child will have a fully developed obstacle course project and the skills to create their own Roblox games.

  • Beginners welcome
  • Learn programming and engineering fundamentals
  • Project-based curriculum and learning approach
  • Live, teacher-led camp sessions
  • Small class sizes and personalized support
  • Daily parent updates
  • Certification of completion

4- Coder Kids

Coder Kids offers virtual camps for Roblox. There are two types of camps: gaming and creating in Roblox Studio. In gaming camps, kids learn about being good online citizens and leaders. They also make friends from all over the world who play Roblox. It’s nice to know your child’s online friends are real kids, and this camp helps with that.

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In the Roblox Studio and coding camps, Coder Kids teaches kids to make real things like obstacle courses and 3D games. They also learn a bit about a coding language called Lua. The instructors are studying computer science, so they know their stuff. Plus, these camps are affordable and really good.

5- ID Tech

Children between the ages of 7 and 9 are invited to participate in the one-week Roblox Editor camp. This camp is designed to teach them the basics of video game design using Roblox Studio. For older students aged 10-12, there’s the Roblox Entrepreneur camp, where instructors guide them on creating, publishing, and earning from their games.

These on-campus programs are accessible in over 20 states, and you can check the class locations on their websites for precise details. If you prefer not to travel, there are virtual summer camps available as well.

ID Tech offers various other programs that concentrate on programming logic, creative game design, and advanced coding. Whether your child is a complete novice or an experienced user, ID Tech provides something suitable for everyone. With a wide selection of personalized programs, you can easily find the ideal Roblox camp for your children.

ID Tech has been delivering tech camps for kids and teens for more than two decades. They offer a comprehensive array of courses and camps catering to anyone interested in Roblox coding and game development.

6- Code Ninjas

Code Ninjas is a business with many locations in the United States, and there might be one near you. They often have summer camps, including ones for Roblox. In Code Ninjas, kids learn to code by making video games they enjoy, like Roblox. If there’s a Code Ninjas nearby, you can check the cost and see if it’s right for your child!

7- FunTech

FunTech provides Roblox summer camps designed for kids aged 7-16 who are interested in the online platform. These camps are available both online for anyone with internet access and in-person at their UK locations. During these camps, kids engage in creative activities, design, and have a great time while gaining important programming abilities. They have the opportunity to construct exciting obstacle courses and racing games in Roblox, aiming for a level of realism similar to real-world physics.

The program starts with an introduction to fundamental coding and game design principles, progressively advancing in complexity. FunTech’s instructors offer excellent guidance, ensuring that whether your child is a complete beginner or an experienced player, they can acquire new knowledge with the assistance of their teachers.

FunTech also offers additional classes for students interested in learning about Python and advanced 3D game design. They emphasize the values of creativity, collaboration, and, most importantly, having an enjoyable learning experience! After completing a summer camp with FunTech, your child will be enthusiastic about sharing their newfound skills with others.

8- PlanetBravo

PlanetBravo offers technology summer camps in Los Angeles, California, aimed at students in grades 2-9. They have several campuses spread across Los Angeles where kids can learn about coding, Roblox, Minecraft, and more.

Their Roblox camps consist of three classes focused on game creation, animation, and special effects. These courses, designed for 4th to 9th graders, provide young gamers with the opportunity to explore various aspects of the Roblox universe while receiving a high-quality education.

In the game creation course, children can create their own Roblox game and gain insights into adding features and game mechanics. The animation option allows them to design a character from scratch and teaches them how to perform actions and commands with a simple button press. As for the special effects class, it introduces concepts like lasers and fires into their virtual world. These classes utilize the latest software programs, scripting languages, and more for a comprehensive learning experience.

9- iCamp

iCamp offers Roblox classes for kids of different skill levels. Whether you’re new to Roblox or already know a bit, there’s a class for you. These classes are for kids aged 7-13 and happen online for five weeks, with each class lasting 45 minutes.

In the “Design An Obby” class, you’ll learn the basics of Roblox Studio and Lua, which are used for making games. After this class, you’ll be able to create your own game with superheroes, villains, and more.

If you know a bit about Roblox already, the “Epic Architect” class teaches you more advanced game design and building skills. You’ll make cool games and structures.

Advanced users can try “Multiplayer Madness,” where you learn to make complex games for lots of players. It’s best to do the beginner and intermediate classes first.

10- Code Advantage

Code Advantage has a fun Roblox summer camp for kids in grades K–8. You can do it in-person or online, and there are not too many kids in each class, so you get lots of help.

The camp is for kids aged six to eight, and you don’t need to know anything about Roblox. They have three levels: Level 1 is about making cool characters and obstacle courses; Level 2 teaches you how to use even cooler tools; and Level 3 goes super deep into the tools.

If you can’t find a class that works for you, don’t worry! You can make your own class if you have at least five kids. There are lots of classes to pick from, so you can learn computer science or take on new challenges with the help of great teachers.

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In conclusion, Roblox camps for kids in 2023 provide an incredible chance for young enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the world of gaming, coding, and creativity. From beginner-friendly programs to advanced courses, these camps cater to a wide range of interests and skill levels. Whether your child is just starting out or looking to enhance their Roblox skills, there’s a camp for them. So, why wait? Encourage your young gamer to embark on an exciting journey of learning and fun with Roblox camps. Book a free trial at Code Galaxy today and watch as they unlock new horizons in the world of technology and gaming. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to level up their Roblox experience!


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