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20 Fun Minecraft Challenges to Do with Friends

Minecraft is a super popular game where friends can play together. What makes it even more fun? Challenges! Challenges are like exciting quests in the game that you and your friends can take on.

These challenges can be anything from surviving scary nights to building amazing structures. They make Minecraft way more exciting. In this article, we’ll explore Minecraft challenges to do with friends and why they’re so awesome.

We’ll introduce you to 20 cool challenges you can do with your friends in Minecraft. It’s time for an epic adventure in the world of blocks and creativity!

1- Survival Island

Survival Island is a thrilling Minecraft challenge where you and your friends must survive on a tiny island in the ocean.

Creating a Survival Island map is simple. Start a new Minecraft world and select the “Island” or “Ocean” biome, ensuring the island isn’t too large for a real challenge.

Gather your friends and dive in. Here’s the twist: gather all resources from the island itself – no cheating allowed! You’ll need to chop trees, mine minerals, and build shelter to fend off monsters that emerge at night.

Tips for success? Stick together, ration food, and explore underwater caves carefully. Survival Island tests your Minecraft skills and teamwork. Ready for the challenge?

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2- Build Battle Challenge

The Build Battle challenge is all about creativity. It’s a fun way to see who can build the coolest stuff!

To set up a build battle with friends, gather everyone in your Minecraft world. Decide on a theme, like “jungle” or “castle,” and a time limit, such as 10 minutes.

Once the timer starts, build like crazy! When time’s up, it’s time to judge. You can vote for the best creation based on creativity, details, or whatever you like.

Build Battle is a blast, and the possibilities are endless! Ready to show off your building skills?

3- Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt challenge is all about adventure and exploration!

To start this challenge, one friend hides treasures across your Minecraft world. These could be valuable items, secret rooms, or anything exciting.

Then, the rest of the group becomes treasure hunters! They have to follow clues and solve puzzles to find the hidden treasures.

You can create clues like riddles or maps to make it more fun. The first one to find all the treasures wins the game!

Get ready to embark on an epic treasure hunt with your friends in Minecraft!

4- Capture The Flag

Capture the Flag is a game of friendly competition!

In this challenge, you and your friends divide into two teams. Each team has a flag hidden in their base. The goal? To sneak into the other team’s base, grab their flag, and bring it back to your base without getting caught.

The rules are simple. If you get tagged while carrying the flag, you must drop it, and the other team can return it to their base.

To make it exciting, create a cool map with obstacles, tunnels, and hiding spots. And don’t forget to strategize with your team to protect your flag and capture the opponent’s!

Get ready for an epic game of Capture the Flag in Minecraft with your friends!

5- Parkour Madness

Ready for a test of agility?

In the Parkour Madness challenge, you and your friends will dive into a world of jumps and obstacles. Your goal? To navigate through a challenging parkour course.

Setting up a parkour course is easy. Create platforms, obstacles, and jumps using blocks, and make it as challenging as you like. You can build courses on various themes, from jungle adventures to urban landscapes.

Here’s the fun part: challenge your friends to complete the course as fast as they can. Time them, and whoever finishes the parkour challenge in the shortest time wins!

But remember, it’s not just about speed; it’s about having a blast while testing your agility and skill. Get ready to jump, leap, and run in the Parkour Madness challenge!

6- Spleef Arena Challenge

Let’s dig into the classic Spleef Arena challenge!

In this thrilling Minecraft game, the goal is simple: be the last player standing on a platform. But here’s the twist: you’ll be digging beneath your opponents’ feet to make them fall into the void!

Creating a Spleef Arena is a breeze. Just build a platform with breakable blocks like snow or wool, and make sure there’s a deadly void below. Gather your friends and enter the arena.

To win, use shovels or any tools to break the blocks under your friends, causing them to fall. The last one standing wins the round. Spleef is all about strategy and precision—aim well and be quick on your feet!

Get ready to shovel, break, and strategize in the Spleef Arena challenge!

7- Nether Race

Get ready for the heart-pounding Nether Race challenge!

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In this exhilarating Minecraft challenge, speed and navigation are your best friends. The goal is simple – be the first to reach a specific destination in the dangerous Nether dimension.

Setting up a Nether race is a snap. Create a portal to the Nether and establish a starting point and a finish line. Gather your friends, step into the Nether, and the race begins!

Surviving and winning this race require a few tricks. Make sure to have a reliable supply of food, armor, and weapons to fend off any hostile mobs in the Nether. Use potions to boost your speed, and be cautious of lava lakes and treacherous terrain.

Ready to test your speed and wits in the Nether Race challenge? It’s a thrilling adventure you won’t want to miss!

8- Skyblock Survival

Welcome to the thrilling world of Skyblock Survival!

In this unique Minecraft challenge, you and your friends will find yourselves stranded on a tiny floating island high in the sky. Your task? Survive and thrive with very limited resources.

Starting a Skyblock world is simple. Create a new Minecraft world and select the “Skyblock” preset. You’ll spawn on a small island with just a tree, some dirt, and a single chest. From here, you’ll need to expand your island, gather resources, and build everything you need to survive.

To succeed in Skyblock, you’ll need smart strategies. Utilize the few resources you have wisely, create cobblestone generators, and grow crops to sustain yourselves. As your island grows, you can even add challenges and objectives to make the experience more exciting.

9- Zombie Apocalypse

Prepare for a thrilling Minecraft challenge – the Zombie Apocalypse!

In this scenario, you and your friends must survive a relentless onslaught of zombies. It’s all about teamwork, strategy, and defending your territory against the undead hordes.

To set up the Zombie Apocalypse, you can use mods or command blocks to spawn waves of zombies. Create a safe zone for your group and designate it as your base. As night falls, the zombies will start swarming, and you’ll need to fend them off using your wits and weapons.

Tips for success? Build sturdy defenses, like walls and traps, to keep the zombies at bay. Make sure you have enough supplies, like food and weapons, to survive the onslaught. Communication and coordination with your friends are key to surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

10- Diamond Hunt

Get ready for a thrilling Minecraft adventure – the Diamond Hunt Challenge! In this challenge, you and your friends aim to find as many diamonds as you can within a set time. Remember, no shortcuts or cheats allowed; you’ll need to mine the diamonds the traditional way. Equip yourselves with essential tools, explore deep caves, and prioritize safety. Whether you’re competing with friends or working together, this challenge adds excitement to your Minecraft experience as you hunt for those precious diamonds. Happy mining!

11- Maze Runner

Get ready for the Maze Runner challenge, where your navigation skills will be put to the test! This challenge involves creating intricate mazes for you and your friends to explore. To set it up, design your maze using various blocks and obstacles, making it as complex as you like. Then, challenge your friends to navigate through the maze and reach the finish line. Don’t forget to include dead ends, twists, and surprises to keep it exciting. Can you design the ultimate maze that will leave your friends lost and amazed?

12- Ender Dragon Hunt

Prepare for an epic boss battle with the Ender Dragon Hunt challenge! In this thrilling adventure, you and your friends will face off against one of Minecraft’s most formidable foes: the Ender Dragon. To start the challenge, you’ll need to gather the Eyes of Ender and locate a stronghold. Once you’ve found the End Portal, enter the End Dimension and confront the mighty Ender Dragon. Teamwork is crucial, so coordinate your attacks, protect yourselves with armor and enchanted weapons, and be ready for a fierce battle. It’s not just about defeating the dragon but also collecting the Dragon Egg as a prized trophy. Can you and your friends conquer this ultimate Minecraft challenge and emerge as victorious dragon slayers?

13- Redstone Contraptions

Welcome to the world of engineering and automation with the Redstone Contraptions challenge! This exciting challenge will put your engineering skills to the test as you explore the wonders of redstone in Minecraft. To get started, you’ll need to learn the basics of redstone, including how to create circuits and power mechanisms. Then, the real fun begins as you design and build a variety of redstone contraptions, from automatic doors to complex traps and secret passages. Challenge your friends to create the most innovative and efficient contraptions, or set up obstacle courses where redstone mechanisms play a crucial role. With endless possibilities, the Redstone Contraptions challenge will unleash your creativity and engineering prowess in Minecraft.

14- Art Gallery

Get ready to unleash your inner artist with the Art Gallery challenge! This creative challenge is all about showcasing your artistic talents and imagination. To kick things off, you’ll need to set up an art gallery within your Minecraft world. Choose a theme or let your creativity run wild as you design a space to display your artwork. Invite your friends to join in and organize an art show where everyone can exhibit their masterpieces. Consider adding artistic challenges like creating sculptures, pixel art, or even recreating famous paintings within Minecraft. The Art Gallery challenge is the perfect way to appreciate and celebrate the artistic side of Minecraft with your friends.

15- Survival Games

Gear up for the Survival Games challenge, a thrilling battle royale-style showdown! In this high-stakes game, you and your friends will compete to be the last player standing. To start, set up a Minecraft world and designate it as your battleground. Establish the rules, including whether you’ll allow crafting or require players to scavenge for supplies. Once the match begins, the countdown is on, and it’s every player for themselves. Stay sharp, gather resources, and outwit your opponents to survive and claim victory. Whether you’re skilled in combat or prefer a sneakier approach, Survival Games will test your survival instincts and strategic thinking. May the best Minecraftian emerge triumphant!

16- TNT Wars

Get ready for the explosive excitement of TNT Wars, a thrilling competition that’s all about strategic detonations! In this challenge, you and your friends will face off in custom-built TNT war arenas. To kick things off, create a suitable battleground, ensuring it’s large enough for epic explosions and hiding spots. The objective? Blast your opponents into oblivion while dodging their TNT attacks. To excel in TNT warfare, consider your TNT placement, timing, and mobility. Whether you’re launching surprise attacks or holding your ground, TNT Wars will ignite your competitive spirit and your creative use of explosives. Just remember to watch your step and keep your wits about you in this high-stakes Minecraft showdown!

17- Hidden Base

Prepare for the ultimate game of stealth and strategy in the Hidden Base challenge! In this thrilling Minecraft adventure, you and your friends will build secret bases and engage in epic base wars. The goal? Keep your base hidden while trying to discover and infiltrate your opponents’ covert lairs. To start, construct ingenious hidden bases using camouflage and redstone contraptions. Concealment is key! When it’s time for action, launch surprise attacks to uncover enemy bases and claim victory. Master the art of subterfuge and cunning in the Hidden Base challenge, where strategy and secrecy reign supreme. Are you up for the challenge of outsmarting your friends in this game of hidden tactics?

18- Ocean Expedition

Dive into the depths of the Ocean Expedition challenge—an aquatic adventure like no other! In this exciting Minecraft challenge, you and your friends will embark on a journey of oceanic exploration. Your mission? To unravel the mysteries hidden beneath the waves. To begin, gather the necessary resources and equipment for your underwater voyage. As you set sail, be prepared to encounter a world of wonders, from hidden shipwrecks and coral reefs to underwater temples and marine life. Challenge yourselves with underwater puzzles, treasure hunts, and daring encounters with guardians of the deep. The Ocean Expedition challenge invites you to explore the vast blue expanse of Minecraft’s oceans, where thrilling discoveries await at every turn. Will you and your friends conquer the mysteries of the deep in this aquatic adventure?

19- Castle Siege

Prepare for an epic medieval showdown with the Castle Siege challenge! In this thrilling Minecraft battle scenario, you and your friends will step into the shoes of knights and defenders of a grand castle. The objective? To defend your mighty fortress from the onslaught of attackers. To set the stage for the Castle Siege, construct a formidable castle with walls, towers, and a central keep. Designate roles for your group, including archers, swordsmen, and defenders of the realm. As the attackers lay siege to your fortress, employ tactics, teamwork, and strategy to thwart their advances. Will you withstand the relentless assault and emerge as the victors of this epic battle? Castle Siege awaits your valor and cunning!

20- Hunger Games Challenge

Prepare for the ultimate test of survival and strategy with the Hunger Games challenge! Modeled after the famous book and movie series, this challenge pits you and your friends against each other in a battle for survival in a custom arena. To set up the Hunger Games challenge, create a unique arena filled with traps, hidden loot, and dangerous terrain. Participants start at different points in the arena and must gather resources, weapons, and food to outlast their competitors. The last player or team standing emerges as the victor. Strategy, cunning, and survival skills will be your best allies in this intense competition. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Wrapping Up

To wrap it all up, Minecraft becomes even more awesome when you challenge your buddies to some of these epic quests. Whether you’re surviving, building, or simply having a blast, these 20 Minecraft challenges are like the icing on the pixelated cake. So, team up with your pals, let your creativity run wild, and dive headfirst into the blocky adventures that await. Whether you’re crafting, battling, or exploring, the memories you make together will be ones you’ll treasure for ages. Get those pickaxes ready and let the games begin!

And if you’re eager to explore even more fun in the world of coding and gaming, don’t forget to book a free trial for Code Galaxy’s Minecraft course for kids. Unleash your inner coder and embark on a journey of endless possibilities. Happy crafting, and may your Minecraft adventures be filled with creativity and excitement!



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