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Minecraft Coding 101: The Ultimate Guide

Minecraft Coding 101: The Ultimate Guide

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world. Both its popularity and simplicity are what also make it a great educational tool for teaching kids Minecraft coding.

It’s what’s called a sandbox game. Players are free to build and create as they please.

The game has two modes, survival and creative mode.

Creative mode is seemingly limitless. Players can build their own Minecraft worlds. Some have built their own cities out of Minecraft’s famous square blocks.

In survival mode, players must survive dangerous “mobs” by mining resources, building weapons, and creating shelter. Mobs are animated creatures of different sorts. Some are friendly, some are dangerous.

Learn More than Just Code

Minecraft’s survival mode teaches kids to be resourceful. They have to be sure to feed their characters, get enough sleep, and give themselves sufficient defenses against mobs. In order to be successful in this mode, players must have good time management while also using their resources responsibly throughout the game.

Besides learning to manage time and resources, Minecraft can help kids build other meaningful life skills. Both creative and survival modes foster entrepreneurship. Creative mode allows kids to build whatever their imagination can cook up.

Kids can play with their friends as they endure through survival mode or build a unique world of their own. This collaboration fosters team skills that are valuable in every profession.

When building structures, kids need to use spatial thinking to plan out their Minecraft world. This is a valuable skill in Engineering and a host of other professions.

Once introduced to Minecraft coding, kids also exercise a hard skill that they already learn in school: math. Math is an essential part of coding. Children can find new meaning in math outside of the classroom when they go home to code at the end of the day.

Minecraft Mods Explained

Minecraft mods are modified worlds that have been changed by other players’ code. Creating mods or modding is an essential part of Minecraft coding for kids.

Kids can create their Minecraft world to their liking with code. Modding is also a perfect combination of those creative, spatial, and math skills that we just mentioned. It has a wide range of complexity as the types of modifications can vary tremendously. A mod could do something as simple as spawn a pig into a world, or something as complex as build a castle with one click of a mouse.

Code Galaxy’s drag-and-drop block editor is a simple way for kids to learn Minecraft modding. Kids can get creative in a way that’s simple to use. It takes the frustration away from learning something new.

Kids Coding Classes: Drag-n-Drop

A great way for kids to begin programming is through block coding. Many schools offer kids coding classes with block coding in Minecraft. This form of coding with Minecraft is both easy to use and fun. Along the way kids learn a ton about essential coding concepts like loops, functions, and conditionals.

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The Minecraft coding course at Code Galaxy uses a drag-n-drop user interface. This takes some of the tediousness out of coding. It allows kids to focus more on the concept at hand and less on syntax or the “grammar” of the coding language.

In a drag-n-drop environment, puzzles are used to manage the difficulty of coding. For instance, an initial Minecraft puzzle might have a programmer start by simply taking a few steps to arrive at a tree. The next puzzle could have the coder walk to the tree then cut it down. A more complex puzzle could ask the player to build the base of a building. This puzzle format allows kids to learn in manageable bits.

Minecraft’s original coding language is Java. The language has been around since 1995. You have surely engaged with the language itself as It’s used to make dynamic pages on the web. It has become a staple in programming. Java programmers are highly valued. According to Indeed the average java developer makes over $100,000 a year. This means kids get to have fun and learn a high value skill both at the same time.

Minecraft Coding for Kids: Loops, Conditionals, and Functions

Coding in Minecraft is a great way to teach kids fundamental coding concepts like loops.

Loops repeat a chunk of code a defined number of times. In Minecraft coding you would use a loop to complete a repeated task. Imagine a coder wants to build the base of a house in their Minecraft mod like in the puzzle mentioned previously. They would use a loop to lay a series of blocks down to automate the task.

A conditional tells a console executing code to perform a specific selection of code depending on whether or not a condition is met. Conditionals can be used in a lot of practical applications. For example, every time someone is asked for a password, they are encountering a conditional. If they enter in the correct password, they will be let into the interface. If they enter in the incorrect password, they will not.

Functions are somewhat more abstract than loops and conditionals. They are a series of code used to complete an action or task. Inside functions you can find aforementioned loops and conditionals, the content of the function varies. The function is specific to the task at hand.

The Minecraft coding class at Code Galaxy teaches all of these fundamental concepts and more.

Online Coding Classes for Kids at Code Galaxy

Now you know the value that a Minecraft coding course can offer a child. They’re a great way to introduce kids coding classes to youngsters.

Code Galaxy’s Minecraft online coding classes for kids are intended for students in grades 2nd to 5th. They are a great compliment to Code Galaxy’s Scratch coding courses, which are also taught in a drag-n-drop environment.

What’s great about Minecraft, however, is that millions of kids already love the game. Kids that have played the game will be excited about class before it has even started! Video game lover or not, it’s a fun way to learn that’s been adapted for young kids with no coding experience.

If you’re interested in Code Galaxy’s Minecraft course or any of their several other courses, register now or sign up for a free trial. Have questions? Reach out to the team at


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