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4 Must-Knows When Exploring This Virtual World for Aspiring Coders

4 Must-Knows When Exploring This Virtual World for Aspiring Coders

Nikeland on Roblox is a virtual world where creativity and gameplay merge into one. Here, kids can play all kinds of games that challenge their mind and improve skills in the virtual world through the lens of sports, including basketball, football, baseball, and more. In its virtual interaction, players can even shake your phone to activate super abilities like a rocket launcher, or buy exclusive Nike gear like a cap or backpack. Essentially, Nike’s presence on Roblox allows players to be able to make their character, customize it to their liking and explore the world of sports through an interactive approach. Having just recently launched, it is one of the most interesting games to play right now!


There is much to discover in Nikeland as it is still a fairly new game that has been released on Roblox in November 2021. t is modeled after the real Nike headquarters featuring a wide variety of mini-games, including dodgeball and “floor is lava.” Since Roblox is popular on its own, the games  brought on by Nike add a physical interactive component, and players use accelerometers to play the games. There is even a digital showroom where players can try on the latest Nike gear. Additionally, Nike will be launching an augmented reality lens for Snapchat and Instagram, and the company will release a new Snapchat camera in December.


First, what is Roblox?

Roblox is a user-generated content (UGC) platform that lets its users create and share 2D and 3D virtual characters, including clothing, accessories, and games. Classic clothing is available to players on Roblox. Originally, only players with a Builders Club membership could upload classic clothing. This feature was later removed, but players can still upload classic clothing, as long as they have a Builders Club account.


Since user-generated content is so prevalent on the site, it is possible to generate a substantial amount of revenue.


In addition to game development, users can earn Robux, a virtual currency specific to Roblox. Robux can be spent on virtually anything, including items and virtual currency. Many users earn Robux in a very lucrative way, and Roblox has become a multi-million dollar game company. Many Roblox games can rival games on Steam.


Roblox has become a huge hit across various platforms, including Android, Windows Phone, and Xbox One. Users can create games and play others’ creations. Due to its high-level availability, Roblox has become popular in over 150 countries and has more than 8 million creators.


Its users are spread across the world with a span of variety of interests, including video games, music, and more.


Roblox has millions of daily active players with an on-site audience of more than 32 million, and the number of hours of UGC gameplay each month is growing exponentially. This rapid growth makes Roblox a great place to start when learning to code.


4 Ways Nikeland on Roblox Presents A Diverse Learning Space for Kids

The virtual world known as Nikeland on Roblox is an interactive playground where players can play games and dress up their avatars. Centered around sports, kids can immerse themselves in different games while navigating opportunities to simultaneously learn and grow. Having just been recently released in the fall of 2021, Nikeland was designed to mimic the Nike world headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

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1. Nikeland allows people to customize their avatars and gain virtual-world experience for STEM growth.

Users can create mini-games and outfit their avatars with Nike-themed merchandise. They can also earn medals and blue ribbons for playing the game and completing challenges. By interacting in this immerseve world through gameplay, kids who are learning to code can pick up virtual-word experience that can better inform the games and applications they design.


The digital store allows users to dress up their avatars in any Nike clothing and footwear. There are numerous Nike products to browse through, including the Air Force 1, the Fontanka, and the Air Max 2021. They can also purchase apparel from the ACG and Tech Pack lines to complete their look. Nike expects to offer more customizable clothing and shoes to the Roblox community and they have already filed for more digital sneakers.


2. Players can also play different mini-games in Nikeland and draw inspiration for their own creations.

Dodgeball, tag, and the floor is lava are some of the games available in the game. Gamers can also customize their avatars by choosing from a tool kit full of interactive sports materials. The Nike reward system encourages creative play by rewarding players with Blue Ribbons and Gold Medals, which can be spent on virtual products for their avatars. At the surface level, Nikeland provides a fun container for kids to play. From a STEM perspective, each experience offers a learning opportunity to better navigate virtual realms and draw from inspirations.


The ‘NIKELAND’ experience takes the virtual world to the next level by letting people buy virtual products. In the words of Nikeland, anyone can “Dream it, Make it.” In interacting with this space, kids get to experience all that is possible beyond their immediate surroundings. This is pivotal in supporting children as the dream makers of their reality and ultimately the world that forms around us.


3. Nikeland is making sports more accessible merging the digitalscape with reality.

Along with its virtual world, Nike took steps to enter the Metaverse arena with the pursuit to make sports more accessible to people. This virtual world includes Nike buildings, fields, arenas, and mini-games. The game will be free to play for now and the real-life headquarters of the famous sportswear brand can be seen in the game. In the pursuit of making sports more accessible, Nikeland will be free to download for people to play.


The game’s creators have also developed AR filters and unique avatars. In addition to customizing their avatars, Nike has partnered with Roblox to create a virtual mall called Nikeland. Users can wear Nike gear and access Nike arenas, fields, and buildings. Amazon, Google, and Snapchat are also rumored to play a major role in the world of the Metaverse.


4. Nikeland on Roblox allows players to record their physical movements.

Users can take part in Nikeland on Roblox by controlling their avatar with the help of their mobile device. The virtual environment allows users to record their physical movements, and they can also wear Nike clothing that they can earn by competing in various activities. Be sure to consider age when exploring different immersive games for safety and developmental reasons. This game offers a tool kit for creating custom mini games that incorporate interactive sports materials. Players can also record their physical movements and share them online, making the game even more immersive.


If you’re child has shown an interest in learning to code or is already a champion in game play, considering some of the aspects Nikeland on Roblox has to offer can be a great addition to supporting your kid’s STEM development. Our beginner Robox coding course teaches students the basics of the Roblox Studio editor where they can use the Lua programming language to build their own Roblox games! Nikeland on Roblox offers a well-balanced approach when paired with educational aspects for a multi-faceted approach in merging inspiration and application.

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