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Whereby Best Practices: Help your Child Get the Most From Class

Whereby Best Practices: Help your Child Get the Most From Class

Your favorite after-school program is here to share 5 simple, yet incredibly powerful tips to help students get the most out of online learning!

In a viral email sent to students and parents, we received incredible feedback, so we decided to turn this into a full guide to ensure your kids show up to their Whereby app class confident and ready to learn amazing new life-long skills as effectively as possible!

For those who aren’t aware, we went from holding classes on Zoom to switching to Whereby video meetings for various reasons. You no longer need to install any apps, the meeting links stay the same every time, Whereby is highly secure, and its user-friendliness is unmatched — voted the easiest video conferencing software to use by G2 Crowd (the authority in web app reviews and comparisons).

Without further ado, let’s share our top tips for making the best of class.

There’s an old video by where a series of tech-company founders, executives, famous musicians, and even an NBA All-Star briefly mention their experience learning to code and the mindset they had going into it.

What they had in common was that they were having FUN with what was in front of them and were DETERMINED to learn the new skill that would eventually lead them to live out their best lives.

Keeping those two traits in mind, here are the 5 top tips for your student to get the most from their online Code Galaxy classes:

5 Tips for Schooling Your Whereby Meeting Classes

Show up to class on time (or even early).

Logging into the scheduled class on time will save your child unneeded stress. Your child can come to class with a completely clear mind, ready for the day’s lesson. Thankfully, we have all-new, flexible class times and Private Tutoring to fit even the tightest schedule.

Get fully involved.

Seriously, we can’t encourage your child enough to get involved as much as possible: This means asking any and all questions, maybe even trying to answer some. Understand that we’re here for you 100%. We strive to create an environment that’s encouraging and supportive. Completely immersing themselves is especially important while online learning since it’s easier to miss something over a video than in-person. Whereby app has a neat little function that allows students to chat, add live reactions, and record their classes!

Consider enrolling your child in bi-weekly or our full-access classes to help them stay immersed.

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Pen and paper are still a thing.

It may sound counterintuitive, but bringing a pen and paper to class helps more than you can imagine. Students should use their computer and classic methods to take notes, draw examples out, write down questions to ask later, etc.

Science tells us that when it comes to learning and remembering new concepts, nothing beats the old-fashioned way of physical note-taking.

Speaking of getting physical…

Immerse yourself completely.

Kids are all different, and different people learn differently. However, studies show that learning is a multisensory process — the more immersed your child is, the better they will recall the new and exciting skills they’re learning. Again, this is especially important when learning over the internet since it takes a bit more effort to stay fully involved. Watch the teacher, listen intently, take notes, build out coding projects alongside the teacher.

Take full advantage of the platform.

Sure, learning solely from a computer screen may have a couple of disadvantages here and there, but there are also massive advantages. For example, students can go back, reverse engineer projects, take quizzes, or redo difficult sections. Lastly, register for private tutoring with one of our patient instructors to get personalized training designed to burst through the borders created by online learning.

Register your kid for private tutoring to get hands-on, customized training that suits their individual needs and helps them rise through the ranks faster than they thought possible!

We hope these 5 best practice tips will help your kid to maximize their online learning experience and bring their talent to life!


Remember, at the end of the day, what matters most is the FUN their having and their DETERMINATION to make their creative ideas into a reality! If your kid keeps these principles in mind while in class, they’ll find themselves raising through the ranks quickly and having the time of their lives at the same time. What more can you ask for?

Have any questions about our classes? Shoot us an email at to get help. We want you and your child to feel completely confident that they’re getting the education they deserve!


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