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The 5 Sides of Programming No One Talks About But Everyone Needs to Know

The 5 Sides of Programming No One Talks About But Everyone Needs to Know

If you think coding is all about typing information onto a screen and calling it a day, well, you’re in for a fortuitous surprise. As a coding academy comprised of leading STEM professionals, creative geniuses, and remarkable students, we might know a thing or two about how the top benefits of learning to code for kids have nothing to do with coding, programming, or any software tool out there. In fact, one of the top misconceptions about programmers and software engineers is that they got into the field of STEM because they know everything. Not only does this push a lot of brilliant minds away from mastering online coding classes for kids, but it also creates a divide in what it means to know everything. 

To put it simply, programmers are not “know-it-alls.” However, what they DO know is that the world is riddled with opportunities to solve problems from a systematic approach and coding has proven to be the bridge in developing this century’s top-tier critical thinking skills.

Whether your kid dreams of being a video game designer or not, coding is not only a great way to learn technical skills, but it can also train them to develop important life skills. While most of the attention in STEM gets placed on system design and development, there is an untapped potential that applies to every person—no matter what their passion, no matter what their background.

For starters, coding is a language that requires problem-solving, planning, and attention to detail—all of which are essential life skills on their own. When these capabilities pair with the languages of computer programming, students develop keen abilities to address some of the modern world’s most pressing issues, both personal and professional, and skyrocket solutions beyond imagination.


The 5 Faces of Coding That Need Way More Attention In Childhood Development

There is more to software engineering than meets the eye and since coding is the language that informs how programs run, understanding the various layers of its components can make all the difference from seeing it as a mere job to pay the bills to a timeless skill that can drastically improve your kid’s life.

Through coding, kids can learn how to think creatively and work efficiently, but how does this actually transfer into day-to-day life? In understanding the deep layers that come from online coding classes for kids, young minds are better equipped to integrate the benefits of programming as they grow into adults. 


1. Learning to code exponentially improves problem-solving skills.

One of the most important skills that coding can help to improve is problem-solving. The ability to identify a problem, break it down into smaller pieces, and then find a solution is an incredibly valuable skill in any field.

Coding requires a lot of critical thinking and problem-solving. To be successful, coders must be able to identify problems and then find creative ways to solve them. This process of breaking down a problem and finding a solution can be applied to any area of life, not just coding.

If you can learn to code, you can learn to think like a coder. And once you start thinking like a coder, you’ll find that your problem-solving skills will improve in all areas of your life.


2. Kids can improve critical thinking skills when learning to code.

Coding is the process of providing instructions to a computer to perform specific tasks. The ability to code requires critical thinking skills as well as an understanding of how computers work.

Coding improves critical thinking skills by forcing the individual to break down problems into smaller, more manageable pieces. In order to write code that accomplishes a specific task, the coder must first understand the task at hand and then determine the best way to write the code to accomplish that task. This process of breaking down a problem into smaller pieces and then finding a solution is known as decomposition, and it is a key critical thinking skill.

Coding also requires an understanding of how computers work. In order to write code that is effective, the coder must have a basic understanding of how computers execute instructions. This understanding helps the coder write code that is more likely to produce the desired outcome.

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Overall, coding improves critical thinking skills by requiring the individual to decompose problems and by providing an understanding of how computers work. These benefits make coding an excellent activity for individuals who want to improve their critical thinking skills.


3. Coding helps improve creative thinking skills for inspired action.

Coding is often seen as a left-brained activity, more logical and methodical than creative. However, learning to code can actually help improve your creative thinking skills. The process of coding requires you to break down problems into smaller, more manageable pieces and to think abstractly in order to find solutions. This type of thinking is useful not just in computer programming, but in any situation where you need to come up with innovative solutions. In addition, the process of creating code can be a creative outlet in itself, giving you a chance to express your ideas and share them with others.

So if you’re looking to boost your creativity, learning to code could be a great option. Not only will it give you the opportunity to flex your creative muscles, but you’ll also develop valuable thinking skills that you can apply in other areas of your life.


4. Children develop people skills that last a lifetime. 

Coding can improve people skills in a few different ways. First, coding can help people learn to work better in teams. This is because coding often requires collaboration in order to get tasks completed efficiently. Secondly, coding can also help individuals develop their problem-solving skills. This is because coding often entails finding creative solutions to difficult challenges. Lastly, coding can also improve people’s communication skills. This is because coding often requires clear and concise communication in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Ultimately, online coding classes for kids can help people develop a variety of important skills that can be beneficial in both their personal and professional lives.


5. Coding makes life easier by automating mundane tasks so you can focus on creating and building things kids are passionate about.

Coding is the process of creating and programming computer software. It is a very useful skill to have in today’s technologically advanced world. Coding can be used to create websites, apps, games, and much more. Learning how to code can make life easier for growing children by giving them the ability to create things that make their lives more efficient and fun.

Coding can be used to automate tasks that people have to do every day. For example, coding can be used to create a task scheduler that will remind them to do their daily tasks, for example. Coding can also be used to create a budget tracker that will help them stay on track with their finances as they get older. Essentially, writing code and understanding the inner workings of technology can be used to create anything that they need in their lives. In doing so, kids learn how to free up space in their minds, and calendars to focus on other passions and enjoy life to the fullest capacity.

Learn to code today and experience STEM-based benefits in real-time.

Most people use technology every day, but few know how it works. By enrolling in online coding classes for kids, you can help your child develop a better understanding of how technology works and how to use it more effectively. Code Galaxy offers a diverse range of classes and camps with flexible schedules and competitive tuition rates for students to make the most of the expanding technological landscape.

Since coding is a very versatile skill, it can be used to create anything that people can imagine from technological programs to flourishing friendships. Each of these life skills can be beneficial in a variety of situations, whether your kid is looking to advance in school, improve in their sports team, or apply to colleges.

Ultimately, learning to code comes with benefits that have nothing to do with technology and everything to do with building character and resilience. While it is definitely a plus if you’re kid has an interest in pursuing a career in the STEM field, anyone can reap the rewards that come with a fluent undertaking of computer languages. 



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