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Starting Points: Scratch and Minecraft for Kids Are the Most Beginner-Friendly for Elementary Students

Starting Points: Scratch and Minecraft for Kids Are the Most Beginner-Friendly for Elementary Students

The surge of popularity within STEM education has inspired many intelligent and creative minds to pursue an online coding course for personal and professional development. But, with any field or hobby, there will always be hurdles to overcome—especially as a beginner. Discernment is key and not just in this scenario. As your kid grows in coding classes like Minecraft for kids, they’ll quickly learn how to implement key skills in critical thinking and logic-based problem-solving. In this case, determining which online course is best for your kid will rely on a few critical factors. 

To start, it really depends on a selection of criteria including your kid’s goals and their learning style, for example. Encourage your child to ask themselves why they are interested in learning to code in the first place. Is it to become the greatest gamer? Or, are they looking to pursue a career in software development? These questions are a wonderful place to start in determining the trajectory of their STEM journey. However, the most important factor will depend on your kid’s age and skill level to navigate both hardware and software components of learning to code. 

The Benefits of Taking an Online Coding Course for Beginners 

There are many reasons why taking an online course is the best idea for beginners at the elementary level. One reason is that it allows your kid to learn at their own pace. Your child can rewind and review sections as often as needed in order to fully understand the material before moving forward. Typically, in-person coding classes will move at a set pace that can sometimes leave students feeling rushed or confused before the next topic. Gratefully, the flexibility present in an online course grants novice coders with the space and support to pause and review, ask questions, and deepen their understanding before taking the next steps. After all, this information is meant to inform longevity within coding rather than just passing a test. This also where courses like Scratch and Minecraft for kids present a fortuitous foundation for growing into more complex material.

Additionally, most online courses offer interactive features, such as forums and chat rooms, which can be extremely helpful in getting clarification on concepts. Here at Code Galaxy, students also have access to leading professionals in the STEM industry with real-life experience in the field. Kids can ask questions and even opt for personalized tutoring sessions to deepen their understanding as a supplemental service before the time comes to take a test or quiz.

Affordability is also one of the highlights of opting for an online coding course as a beginner. Since online classes can often be more budget-friendly than traditional courses, there is less stress on students and parents when embarking on this commitment. Many online courses offer discounts for those who pay upfront, and there are often no additional costs, such as for textbooks or other materials. Additionally, many online courses can be completed in a shorter time frame than traditional courses, which can save you both time and money. 

Overall, taking an online course is a great idea for young kids because it offers many advantages over traditional learning methods. 

Top Beginner Online Coding Classes for Elementary Students

Ages 8-11

For kids between the ages of 8 and 11, the coding courses best suited to their level of learning will consist of skill-building programs that introduce them to basic coding concepts while building fluency in navigating computer programs. For this reason, Scratch and Minecraft make for an exceptional course to learn to code. Not only do they cover the basics of building dexterity and understanding, but these courses offer to learn to code through a gamified approach. In this sense, kids get to learn the mechanics of how a game works while feeling like they are playing. 

Scratch for Kids

If your child is interested in learning to code, then it will be worthwhile to explore Scratch, a visual programming language perfect for kids who are just starting to code. With Scratch, kids can create their own interactive stories, games, and animations. This online course is a great way for kids to learn programming concepts in a fun and creative way. Some of the core concepts will include your child learning about events, loops, variables, and the coordinate system. These are all critical components in building a strong coding foundation which they’ll learn through an immersive gamified approach and engaging material. As your child progresses, they’ll be able to take their knowledge to the next level in learning to create their own complex games by applying STEM concepts previously learned in introductory levels. 

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Minecraft for Kids

Another popular selection amongst elementary students is Minecraft. Assuming your child wants to learn to code to create and learn more about the inner workings of their favorite games, then enrolling in an online Minecraft for kids course is the way to go. 

In the beginner Minecraft for kids course, students will learn the basics through a diverse range of material. From learning to code, customize, and create usable items, your kid will master Minecraft from the inside out. Through an interactive drag-and-drop environment, learning to code will feel less like work and more like play. In the course we provide, students enrolled in Minecraft for kids will receive more than interactive material and support, but they’ll also have a finalized project to be proud of and show off to friends and family.

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What to Look For Before Committing to An Online Course for Elementary Students

When looking for an online course, it is important to find one that is accredited and offers a good curriculum. And as we mentioned above, to make the most of virtual learning, this course should also be affordable and offer a flexible schedule. It is also critical to make sure the instructors are experienced and qualified, like our Code Galaxy team, to teach the material.

Some other things to look for when choosing an online course include:

  • Course material that is easy to understand and follow
  • Interactive and engaging
  • Offers support from the instructor
  • A course that offers a certificate of completion

Taking these preliminary steps when committing to an online course like Minecraft for kids, as an example, can help your child reach beyond their goals and succeed in their studies. Taking the time to find a course that meets their needs will pay off in the long run as they continue toward more complex courses like web development. 

Ready, Set, Go from Beginner to Pro 

There is a lot to look forward to in being a beginner for the possibilities in mastery allow for curious minds to flourish, ask questions and put their knowledge to the test. Starting your kid off with a beginner-friendly course like Scratch or Minecraft for kids is the recipe to reaching long-lasting levels of success—both on and off the screen. Explore our beginner course options to start today and go from beginner to STEM pro with the support of top-tier instructors and a classroom full of curious minds. 


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