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How to Decide Between Online vs In Person Classes for Coding

How to Decide Between Online vs In Person Classes for Coding

So, you’ve done your research and have come to the understanding that coding classes for kids are the standard requirement for a successful future in a technologically advanced world. The opportunity to grow in a lucrative career field, reach new levels of personal development, and leave a lasting impact on society are just but a few of the lasting perks of learning to code. From exploring which coding school to commit to and which courses to enroll in, as a parent or caregiver, deciding between online vs in person classes is an important step in the process.


Understanding the differences between the two can make all the difference in how your child learns, retains, and engages with the information. It will also set the foundation for a strong start to learning various programming languages, coding interactive apps, and building a solid resume with network referrals.


Online vs In Person Classes: Which is better for coding?

With online learning on a steady incline, virtual courses and curricula have evolved to reach a vast amount of people—no matter the location, timezone, or educational background. People of all ages are learning to code and break out into the tech field which has created more opportunities for people to make a difference and earn high pay on a global level.


From kids as young as 5 looking to learn a valuable skill early on to middle-aged adults seeking a career change, there is something in the STEM world for just about everyone. With 8.6 million jobs in STEM, according to STEM Education Statistics, computer occupations represent the most significant percentage of jobs. If online coding courses have grown so popular, what does this mean for in-person classes? Is one better than the other?


Virtual learning and in-person curriculum both come with many advantages. Where online classes provide a great deal of flexibility, in-person courses can also have their fair share of advantages. However, each option carries its own weight. What works best for your child on their coding journey can vary depending on circumstances, preferences, and budget. Neither is better or worse—it all depends on a few factors.


To provide a frame of reference consider the following:

  • What are my child’s current extracurricular commitments like?
  • What does my budget allow me to afford?
  • Is there a coding academy that meets all of my child’s needs?
  • Does my child have access to reliable transportation?
  • How do the coding classes I’m looking at fit into their schedule?


Must-Know Factors of Online vs In-Person Coding

Once you’ve garnered a scope of what programs and activities your child is interested in or already enrolled in, you can establish a deeper appreciation for the differences between online vs in person classes. Remember, the perfect fit for your neighbor might not be the same as yours.

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How do I know if in-person coding classes are right for my child?

In-person classes, of any kind, hold a historical comfort for their pivotal role in human development and evolution. Where technology lacked, brick and mortar held the confines for the world’s greatest stories and innovations to be shared.


Learning to code in a physical classroom honors the traditional while paying tribute to the advancements of a growing technological field. The benefits of learning to code in person include face-to-face interaction with instructors and real-life collaboration with classmates in a classroom setting. Some of the drawbacks to committing to an in-person coding curriculum include higher tuition fees, stricter schedules, and less flexibility.


Are online coding classes for kids a better option?

Online coding classes are often more economical in price since there is less overhead to pay for in terms of classroom space and physical text. However, they are just as interactive in design. Most online academies have virtual classrooms where students can gather with their instructor, ask for feedback and collaborate with peers.


According to Tech Jury, e-learning increases learning rates by between 25% and 60% which is a telling reflection of how well students retain information throughout the process. In today’s current climate, online coding classes for kids also offer a reprieve from demanding schedules by offering flexible options.


Making the Final Decision

At this point, enrolling your kid in a coding program is a top priority. Knowing whether to commit to online vs in person classes is the final step before beginning a fruitful path to a bright future. Hopefully, the infographic and descriptions above have helped sculpt a clearer picture in your mind.


If you need more clarity or are set on starting an online coding class for your kid, connect with our team at the Code Galaxy and explore our diverse range of options for kids of all ages. Our STEM professionals and instructors are seasoned with years in the industry and are passionate about the impact young coders can make in the world.


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