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Scratch Coding for Kids Is the Foundation to An Intuitive Coding Experience for Years to Come

Scratch Coding for Kids Is the Foundation to An Intuitive Coding Experience for Years to Come


The Code Galaxy’s Scratch coding for kids online courses offer an intuitive and easy-to-learn approach for younger coders to break into the world of STEM, coding and game design. Taught by leading STEM professionals, Scratch’s visual block coding language creates a lasting understanding of the principles of coding to support their growth in more sophisticated programming languages.


Ok, but what is coding and why does it even matter?

Coding is the process of transforming computer instructions into a form a computer can understand. Programs are written in code and this code can be translated into machine language that a machine, like a computer, can understand and execute.

Coding is used to create software programs, websites, mobile apps and more. It is a process that takes a human-readable set of instructions and transforms it into a form a machine can understand. This transformation is done by a translator, which is usually a compiler or an interpreter.

Compilers take code written in a high-level language and translate it into machine language, which can be directly executed by the computer. Interpreters on the other hand, take code written in a high-level language and execute it line by line, translating it into machine language as it goes.

Coding is a process that can be used to create anything that can be run on a computer. This includes software programs, websites, mobile apps and more. It is a skill that is in high demand in the job market and is a great way to start a career in the tech industry.


Block Based Coding vs Textual Coding: What’s the difference?

When it comes to programming, there are two main types of coding: block based and textual. Block based coding is a visual way of representing code, typically using blocks or graphical elements that can be dragged and dropped into place. This type of coding is popular among beginners, as it can be easier to understand than textual code. Textual coding is the more traditional way of writing code, using a text editor to write lines of code. This method is more popular among experienced programmers, as it can be more concise and efficient.

Textual coding can help you improve the readability of your code, making it easier for others to understand. In addition, textual coding can help you catch errors and prevent bugs. By using a consistent coding style, you can also make your code more maintainable and easier to change in the future. Finally, textual coding can improve the performance of your code by making it more efficient. All of these benefits can make you a better programmer and help you write better code.


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Some of the benefits of block coding include:

  • It can help break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable pieces.
  • It can make code more readable and easier to understand.
  • It can make code more reusable and modular, which can save time and effort in the long run.
  • It can help promote code reuse and collaboration among developers.
  • It can ultimately lead to better, more robust software.


Scratch Coding for Kids As the ‘Building Block’ to Hone Advanced STEM Principles

With anything in life, it is never too early or too late to start learning a new skill. While coding can appear complicated at first glance, there are actually universal principles that make programming a walk in the park. After all, it is a mode of communication and with any language, fluency is developed through consistent practice and execution. Scratch offers a foundational setting where kids can learn to code through a gamified approach, receive support from a global community and integrate universal skills for more advanced coding languages.


5 Reasons Kids Benefit By Learning Scratch Online

1. Scratch is a visual programming language that is easy for kids to learn.

Nourishing the desire to learn is easy when it is fun! Scratch was made for young learners by capturing their attention through a gamified approach. There are no boring modules or monotonous lectures here. Instead, critical and foundational coding principles are taught through vibrant visuals, creative opportunities and collaborative efforts. If you’ve been considering getting your kid started with coding, Scratch provides a memorable experience to create a lasting foundation for years to come.

2. Kids can create their own games, animations, and stories with Scratch.

One of the best things about Scratch coding for kids is having something to work on, complete and be proud of by the end. Kids get to learn about what it takes to create their own worlds—whether it be games, animations or stories—and create projects to share with their friends and family by the end. This is another critical component to support the learning process in giving kids something to strive toward, be proud of and look back on as they reach new heights in the STEM industry.

3. Scratch helps kids develop problem-solving and computational thinking skills.

It doesn’t matter what your kid sets out to do in life. Whether they pursue a career in coding or decide to start a farm, developing problem-solving and computational thinking skills from an early age can give them an advantage in anything and everything they do. These skills are also beneficial as your child moves throughout their education and extracurricular activities.

4. Kids can share their creations with the Scratch community and receive feedback.

Scratch was developed by MIT professionals and they were sure to make the program available on a global level. Starting your kid off with our Scratch courses allows them to develop their collaboration skills by sharing their creations, reviewing others and learning how to give and receive constructive criticism.

5. Scratch is a fun and creative way for kids to learn programming.

Learning the fundamentals of coding through online coding classes like Scratch is just the beginning. As you’ll see, your kid will have a blast learning, creating and making friends throughout the process. It is one of the greatest introductions into the world of STEM proving that coding and programming are both interactive and collaborative efforts. The career opportunities range from web development to graphic design, for example. Whether your child veers more toward abstract or logistical applications, STEM has something for everyone.

Get started with Scratch coding for kids today.

The world is continually advancing to a tech-driven ecosystem and one of the greatest gifts you can offer your child is introducing them to the world of STEM. Get started today with our comprehensive and consecutively built online Scratch courses for kids. From Scratch Intro and Scratch II, your child will have developed a strong foundation for any future coding classes as well as real-life applications.

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