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Best 50 Minecraft Trivia Questions & Answers (2023)

Welcome to our exciting collection of Minecraft Trivia for Kids! In this engaging series, we’ve compiled a variety of fun and informative Minecraft-related questions along with their answers. Whether your young Minecraft enthusiast is a beginner or a seasoned player, these trivia questions are designed to entertain and educate. Dive into the blocky world of Minecraft with us as we explore fascinating facts and challenges. Let’s get started on this epic adventure of Minecraft knowledge!

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Easy Minecraft Trivia Questions (Younger Kids)

  1. What is the main objective in Minecraft?

Answer: Surviving and thriving.

  1. What’s the first thing you should do when starting a new game in Minecraft?

Answer: Punch a tree.

  1. What do you get when you punch a tree in Minecraft?

Answer: Wooden logs.

  1. Which friendly mob can you often find in Minecraft’s grassy areas?

Answer: Cows.

  1. What’s the name of the hissing, green mob that explodes when it gets close to you?

Answer: Creeper.

  1. Which tool is essential for mining minerals like iron and diamonds in Minecraft?

Answer: Pickaxe.

  1. What does the furnace in Minecraft do?

Answer: It smelts or cooks raw materials into useful items.

  1. What material do you get from smelting sand in a furnace?

Answer: Glass.

  1. How do you make a crafting table in Minecraft?

Answer: Use wooden planks.

  1. What is the primary source of light in Minecraft caves?

Answer: Torches

Intermediate Minecraft Trivia Questions (Older Kids)

11- What are the dimensions of the Nether Portal frame you need to activate it?

Answer: 4 blocks tall and 5 blocks wide.

12- Which dimension in Minecraft is known for its unique, floating islands and Endermen?

Answer: The End.

13- What’s the primary use of a redstone torch in Minecraft?

Answer: To send power to redstone wires and components.

14- What’s the name of the dangerous, fiery dimension in Minecraft?

Answer: The Nether.

15- How do you make a potion of Invisibility in Minecraft?

Answer: By brewing an awkward potion with a fermented spider eye.

16- What’s the name of the block you can use to create an enchantment table?

Answer: Bookshelves

17- Which friendly mob can you ride in Minecraft?

Answer: Horses

18- What’s the purpose of a bed in Minecraft?

Answer: You can sleep in it to skip the night and set your spawn point.

19- What do you get when you combine a stick and two wooden planks in Minecraft?

Answer: A wooden sword.

20- What tool is best for breaking wooden blocks quickly?

Answer: An axe.

Advanced Minecraft Trivia Questions (Experienced Players)

21-What are the three components needed to create a beacon in Minecraft?

Answer: A beacon block, three obsidian blocks, and a Nether Star.

22- How many bookshelves are required to achieve the maximum enchanting power in an enchantment table setup?

Answer: 15 bookshelves.

23- What does the acronym “AFK” stand for in the context of Minecraft?

Answer: Away From Keyboard.

24- Which Minecraft biome is the only place where you can find pandas?

Answer: The bamboo jungle biome.

25- What is the rarest ore in Minecraft, even rarer than diamonds?

Answer: Emerald ore.

26- What’s the rarest naturally occurring mineral block in Minecraft, even scarcer than diamonds?

Answer: Ancient Debris.

27- Which enchantment allows you to automatically pick up items into your inventory in Minecraft?

Answer: Magnetism (or “Homing”).

28- What is the primary use of the Ender Chest in Minecraft?

Answer: It allows you to access your items from anywhere in the world.

29- What’s the maximum level of enchantments that can be applied to an item in Minecraft?

Answer: 30.

30- How do you create a map of your Minecraft world?

Answer: Combine paper and a compass in a crafting table.


Random Minecraft Trivia With Answers

31- What material is used to craft torches in Minecraft?

Answer: Stick and Coal/Charcoal.

Explanation: Torches are essential for lighting up the dark corners of your Minecraft world. To make them, combine a stick with either coal or charcoal.

32- What’s the primary use of redstone dust in Minecraft?

Answer: To create complex circuits and mechanisms.

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Explanation: Redstone dust acts as the game’s electrical wiring, allowing you to build intricate contraptions and automate various tasks.

33- How do you obtain obsidian blocks in Minecraft?

Answer: Mine them with a diamond or Netherite pickaxe.

Explanation: Obsidian is a durable material used for creating Nether Portals and enchantment tables, but it requires a diamond or Netherite pickaxe to mine.

34- Which Minecraft biome is known for its towering ice spikes?

Answer: Ice Spikes biome.

Explanation: The Ice Spikes biome is a frozen wonderland featuring enormous ice spikes that can reach impressive heights.

35- What’s the name of the dimension where you find the Ender Dragon?

Answer: The End.

Explanation: The End is a mysterious dimension filled with floating islands and home to the challenging Ender Dragon boss battle.

36- What’s the maximum number of bookshelves needed for the highest level of enchanting power?

Answer: 15 bookshelves.

Explanation: Placing bookshelves around an enchantment table increases the power of enchantments you can apply to your items.

37- What’s the rarest ore in Minecraft, even more valuable than diamonds?

Answer: Emerald ore.

Explanation: Emeralds are a valuable currency in the game, used for trading with villagers and obtaining rare items.

38- What happens when you feed raw potatoes to a pig in Minecraft?

Answer: The pig becomes ready for breeding.

Explanation: Feeding raw potatoes (or carrots) to a pig in Minecraft prepares it for breeding, which is essential for expanding your animal farm.

39- Which tool is ideal for mining dirt and gravel blocks quickly?

Answer: A shovel.

Explanation: Shovels are designed for efficiently collecting dirt, gravel, sand, and other soft materials in Minecraft.

40- What’s the primary purpose of a bed in Minecraft?

Answer: Sleeping and setting your spawn point.

Explanation: Beds allow you to skip the night and serve as your respawn point if you meet an unfortunate end in the game.

 41- What do you need to make a crafting table in Minecraft?

Answer: Wooden planks.

Explanation: Crafting tables provide a larger crafting grid and are crafted using wooden planks obtained from logs.

42- Which material is used to create a bucket in Minecraft?

Answer: Iron ingots.

Explanation: Buckets are essential tools for transporting liquids like water and lava, and they’re crafted using iron ingots.

43- How do you create a potion of invisibility in Minecraft?

Answer: Brew an Awkward Potion with a fermented spider eye.

Explanation: Brewing an Awkward Potion with a fermented spider eye results in a Potion of Invisibility, allowing you to become unseen by mobs.

44- What’s the main objective in Minecraft?

Answer: Surviving and thriving in the world you create.

Explanation: In Minecraft, your primary goal is to survive while building and exploring your unique world.

45- Which block is known as the “Creeper’s worst enemy” because it explodes when touched?

Answer: The bed.

Explanation: While beds are excellent for skipping the night, they can be hazardous in the Nether and the End dimensions due to their explosive nature when used there.

46- What’s the name of the dimension inhabited by dangerous and fiery mobs like Ghasts?

Answer: The Nether.

Explanation: The Nether is a perilous dimension filled with fire and brimstone, home to hostile mobs like Ghasts and Blazes.

47- What’s the main ingredient for crafting paper in Minecraft?

Answer: Sugar cane.

Explanation: To craft paper, you need sugar cane, which can be grown near water sources.

48- What’s the name of the mob that’s known for its unique drop of Ender pearls?

Answer: Enderman.

Explanation: Endermen are tall, dark mobs that drop Ender pearls, a valuable resource for finding strongholds.

49- How do you obtain leather in Minecraft?

Answer: Killing cows, horses, or other leather-bearing mobs.

Explanation: Leather can be acquired by slaying certain mobs, primarily cows and horses, which drop leather upon defeat.

50- Which block is commonly used for creating walls and structures in Minecraft?

Answer: Bricks.

Explanation: Bricks are a versatile building material, often used to construct walls, houses, and various structures in the game.

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