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The Easiest Step-By-Step Guide to Download The Latest Map

The Skyblock map is one of the most popular and well-known maps in all of Minecraft. It also just so happens to be one of the trickiest to find and download.  If you’ve been trying to download the latest Skyblock map with no luck, we understand your pain. After countless attempts and tons of misleading information on the internet, we […]

Low Self Esteem in Children: How to Boost With Coding

Children are at the crossroads of an imaginative future while navigating an onslaught of obstacles for innovative solutions. The planet is shifting faster than history can keep up with, and kids feel the weight of this transition more now than ever. The growing pains humanity faces are resulting in heightened levels of depression and anxiety in our children. The consequences […]

Whereby Best Practices: Help your Child Get the Most From Class

Your favorite after-school program is here to share 5 simple, yet incredibly powerful tips to help students get the most out of online learning! In a viral email sent to students and parents, we received incredible feedback, so we decided to turn this into a full guide to ensure your kids show up to their Whereby app class confident and […]