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Cryptocurrency for Kids 101: The Ultimate Guide 

Current technological advancements are not only shaping social interactions but are steadily influencing the growth of financial literacy along the blockchain. If you’ve noticed your kid takes a liking to develop an interest in cryptocurrency, there are a few key factors to consider in steering them in the right direction. The benefits of developing fluency in cryptocurrency for kids at […]

Guide: Scratch Coding for Kids

Coding for kids in Scratch makes learning programming simple. The easy to use drag-n-drop platform takes out the more frustrating aspects of learning to code. Better yet, kids learn to code fun games using essential STEM concepts. Drag-n-Drop Scratch Coding for Kids One feature that makes Scratch coding ideal for kids is its drag-n-drop environment. Kids can easily drag predefined […]

Special Holiday Events & Even More New Courses

It’s been quite some time since our last major update announcement at Code Galaxy — about a quarter of a year, in fact (time moves fast when you’re writing code). But what an exciting announcement it was! Our new Roblox course quickly became one of the fastest courses for new & veteran middle school students to enroll in — although […]

Join Code Galaxy’s Extra Spooky Halloween Events!

This has been a productive month of October for Code Galaxy teachers & students. From teachers creating exciting new Halloween-themed coding games/projects to students attending workshops & building never before seen stuff, we couldn’t have asked for a sweeter Halloween month. But here’s a couple more treats coming up in the next few days… All Code Galaxy Students are invited […]

New Roblox Course & Inaugural Demo Week

As the kiddos start the new school year, ready to meet new people, learn new concepts, and tackle new challenges, we’ve also got some new stuff going on here at Code Galaxy, the #1 after-school program for students & parents! Check out our latest developments and how we hope to help our students get the most out of their weekly […]